Hello everybody,

I am a German girl who likes inspiring photos whitch take you to think about, or which make you laugh & happy... Some images are by me & all the others pics are from people with emotionality and talent.

About me:
I love Sweets, I need the people in my Life and I can`t live without Coffee, Cigarettes & gossiping... One day i`ll be a millionaire...do not ask how I know...I know it! I like to wake up one hour before I get up..to lie still remain. Sometimes I can be crabby and depressed...but only "sometimes". I love sunny days but rainy days just the same. I think on rainy days you get more calm & on sunny days more fun. I love the sea with his waves and the unpredictability... and so on.. I often have thought jumps and tomorrow we eat strawberry pie :o)